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Northern Lights? Aurora Borealis?


The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon that occur when charged particles from the sun strike atoms in our atmosphere and cause them to light up. Over the years they have been believed to represent a number of different things such as the spirits of the dead passing on to the next life or an indication of upcoming war. Today we know them to represent the subtle ways in which the nature of our planet can be utterly breathtaking and with our unique longitude of being 66 degrees north of the equator means we get plenty of Northern Lights activity during the winter months.

Here at BusTravel Iceland we are committed to providing special and unique experiences for a wide variety of audiences so here we present to you our Northern Lights offerings which should have an option for everyone. Let us talk you through those options here!

Northern Lights Tour By Bus


Join us for an journey out into the cold Icelandic night to hunt for a glimpse of the northern lights. We take all of the hassle out of finding this phenomenal display as we pick you up (either from your accommodation or the nearest pick up point) and then whisk you away from the bright lights of the city. Our drivers and guides scour the skies and forecasts looking for the perfect spot. Once we have found it we will get you down there as fast as we can to maximize the time you can spend with one of the most beautiful experiences on earth. The Aurora Borealis.


Northern Lights Premium


For those who want to see the greatest light show on earth, In style, we offer the Northern Lights premium tour.
With a maximum group size of only 15 people this is the best way to ensure a more personal and intimate experience for your northern lights hunt.
As with our bus tour version of this trip we will  pick you up (either from your accommodation or the nearest pick up point) and then whisk you away from the bright lights of the city.
This version of our popular northern lights tour comes with all the added luxury that you can expect from our Iceland Intro series of tours and will also give you a great chance to interact more personally with our great guides who are happy to share their stories and personal experiences with you.


Northern Lights Deluxe

This unique tour is part of a joint venture between Servio and BusTravel Iceland, two of the most trusted brands in the Icelandic tourist industry. Together we bring experience, reliability, and a high level of service to what we hope will be a unique and unforgettable part of your stay in Iceland.
You will be travelling in style in a specially modified vehicle that makes the northern lights viewing feel like you are being pampered. You will travel in either our customised Setra TopClass S 516 HDH or in a gorgeous Deluxe Mercedes car or sprinter. The kind of vehicle we use will be tailor chosen to fit the group size of the tour that evening to ensure maximum comfort.

The tour begins with an evening pickup at your accommodation in Reykjavík. Once everyone is onboard, we’ll set off into the surrounding countryside in search of clear skies and the best northern lights displays. Prior to departure, our experienced team will have scouted the weather forecast for prime sighting locations. Along the way, you’ll receive entertaining and insightful commentary from one of our professional English-speaking guides, and once on-site, light refreshments will be served as the breathtaking spectacle of the northern lights unfolds above you.
Please note that this tour will only operate on evenings when northern lights activity is likely. Remember, however, that the northern lights are a natural phenomenon, and viewing them cannot be guaranteed. If no northern lights are seen on a particular tour, you may, of course, rebook the tour at no charge. If we are unable to accommodate you during your stay, either because of availability or weather, you will receive a full refund.
Group size: max. 27 guests, providing a more intimate experience, more flexibility, more free time and more spontaneous encounters than traveling in big groups.


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