Northern Lights 2023/24 winter season has started!
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Northern Lights Tours in Iceland

Join us on a hunt for the Northern Lights: nature's silent firework display!

Northern Lights Tours

Visible between end of August and mid April, the Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) are a sight not to be missed when visiting Iceland.

Tours can take anywhere between 3-4 hours and take you to a variety of different locations depending on the forecast made by our amazing northern lights team. We work hard to try and find the best locations with the best conditions to optimize your viewing experience and of course our guides will have all the information you need to learn about these gorgeous dancing lights.

Below you will find our collection of Northern Lights tours, each offering a slightly different way to experience the lights and in addition to this across our site you will find plenty of information and resources about the Northern Lights.




Really good experience

Really good for first time looking for the northern lights , the driver & host were very knowledgeable and help in advice how to photograph the northern lights. The hot chocolate at the last location was much needed as it was a cold night. We didn’t expect to be able to see them but we saw them at both locations and they were amazing. I will say as they are naturally occurring booking a tour won’t 100% guarantee you seeing them so go with an open mind about potential not seeing them.

Ayse Cain

6 December 2023



Absolutely Amazing tour. Massive thanks to our guide, Runa (excuse the spelling). He was very knowledgable and accommodating to his guests which made the experience so pleasurable. Alongside the obvious great sighting of the northern lights it was a very friendly and fun experience that ran brilliantly. Thanks Runa!

Poppy G

6 December 2023



The weather was not great tonight but our guide did everything to find the light. He decided to go north instead of south like everyone did. This wasn't successful but it was the best option at this moment. At the end we switch to cale back near to Reykjavik because thanks to all his analyse when we arrived at the point of view we enjoyed a lot of northern light dancing. It was amazing!! I'm so greatfull to have the chance to see this.


30 November 2023


Persistence was the key to an amazing night

Our northern light tour was part of the 3-for-2 package. We didn't see any northern light the first night due to the very windy and cloudy activity. We didn't get an automatic notification that we were rebooted; we had to email the company. We confirmed the night for the 2nd sighting, but it was cancelled due to the weather. On the 3rd and our final night, we had Daniel, the northern lights whisperer, and Slawomir (?). The two worked together to find the best spots. We went to 2 stops before settling on what looked like an out of the way hill. We first saw a pillar. And just as we were about to call it a night, the auroras kept showing up! We had to eventually head out past 1 am, very reluctantly since people were still excited to keep photographing. We were very happy that our tour guide and driver persevered as we had an amazing time.

Shmi Shem

27 November 2023