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Rye Bread tour (Geothermal bakery)

Scheduled walk to our geothermal bakery from the reception. Guests are invited to experience the geothermal bakery first hand and take part in baking a bread in the ground. It takes 24 hours for the earth to bake the bread, the slow cooking makes the dark rye bread very tasty and rememberable for everyone sampling it. After the informative walk and entertaining demonstration, everyone is invited to sample the freshly baked bread. Ideal in combination with the geothermal bathing.

What's included

Half an hour demonstration and entertainment during a short and easy walk to the shore of our lake where our bread is baked in the ground. Afterwards guests can sample as many pieces from the bread as they can eat.

A slice of smoked trout is included.

What do I need to bring

Remember to bring your camera, you will want to load up your photo and make them jealous!


The activity takes place outside for half the time. Make sure to dress accordingly.

Rye Bread tour (Geothermal bakery)

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