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Skaftafell Exclusive Ice Cave and Glacier Hike

If you are looking for the ultimate glacier adventure, then you have found it. On this 4-5 hour glacier tour, we go far away from the crowds until we end up at the stunningly blue ice cave/tunnel known as the Blue Fox Cave.

On this tour we go through more difficult terrain than on our shorter hikes, in some cases we may need to use ropes to secure ourselves. This tour is aimed at people that are in decent physical shape and able to comfortably walk approximately 10 km/6 miles on uneven terrain.

This tour is highly weather dependant, in case of cancelations due to weather, you will of course get a full refund.

This tour starts from Skaftafell Terminal Tour Center where we give you all of the required glacier gear. After a short drive through the beautiful landscape that Öræfi has to offer, we reach the edge of Falljökull and Virkisjökull outlet glaciers.

We quickly hike over Falljökull outlet glacier and onto Virkisjökull, the glacier we will be spending the rest of the tour. After a short hike on a flat terrain, while enjoying the magnificent views of the icefalls of both glaciers, we reach a more difficult terrain filled with high ridges and deep crevasses. To safely cross that area we may need to use the assistance of our ropes.

Shortly after crossing the more difficult area, we will reach our furthest point on this tour, the Blue Fox ice cave/tunnel. This beautiful blue ice cave was formed by meltwater during the warm summer months, but now the water has emptied out, leaving it open for us to explore. Since this cave is so far out of reach for the bigger tour groups, there are very little chances of anyone else being there at the time we get to it.

We will spend approximately 30-45 minutes in and around the cave/tunnel, giving you ample opportunities to take amazing photos before making our way back down off the glacier.

What's included

  • All required glacier gear

What do I need to bring

  • Hiking boots (Preferably with ankle support, can be rented on location for 1.000 ISK).
  • Clothing according to weather.
  • Sun glasses.
  • Snacks/drinks for lunch.

Skaftafell Exclusive Ice Cave and Glacier Hike

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