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Reykjavik Midnight Sun

Like Worlds aeay but still so cloce. You will drive the ATVs up to the Reykjavik backyard hills where you will enjoy Extreme Adventures like in other world.

This tour have 3 different Themes depending on the seasons
In the summer time it is the Midnight Sun, the Twilight in the Spring and the Autumn time and the Northern Lights in the Winter time.
The trek is Amazing and there is good view over Reykjavik, Mosfellsbær and the Mountain that can Erupt in Reykjanes peninsula. From there, you can also see the steam from a Geothermal, Glacier Snæfellsjökull. Ask the Guide about the Alaska Lupin, Angelica Archangelica healing plants and the breeding song from the birds in the summer time. The Arctic Fox and the Ptarmigans birds in the winter time. Check out this exciting Evening Extreme ATV/Quad tour for a truly unique experience. Imagine being alone up on the mountain at midnight and it's still almost bright as a day or even sunny in the Summer time or witness that in the Winter time when the Northern Lights ignits in the sky among the billions of stars. In the peace and tranquility all you hear is your breath. Maximum bookable for 8 people or 16 by special request.

We pick-up from all hotels in the Reykjavik area if it is possible. But note that the Reykjavik city has made a non-pickup zones for tourist in the downtown so we pick up from special tourists bus stops over there. The nearest Tourists Bus stop is usually not far away.

You can see on the bus stop that is closest to where you are staying.

If you decide to meet us at the meeting point our basecamp is only 20 minutes from downtown Reykjavik.

Two can ride on each quad and prices are per person. You must book solo ride for single riders and to book the shared ride you must be two participants. So if there is a odd number in the group you must book at least one solo ride in the tour.

What's included

  • Overall, helmets and gloves.

What's not included

Unsafe driving, sliding, spinning, off road drive or drive outside of tracks is not allowed on this tours.

What do I need to bring

  • All you need is a drivers license and good shoes

Reykjavik Midnight Sun

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