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Sky Lagoon Pure Lite Pass

Nestled on a stark, stunning coastline, Sky Lagoon feels a world away from everyday life. Iceland’s newest geothermal lagoon honours centuries-old bathing culture, embracing the warmth of a people tied closely to sea, sky and the power locked deep within the land. For centuries, Icelanders have trusted the calming, healing effects of geothermal water to help make them one of the happiest people on earth.

Don´t have much time but in the need of rejuvenation while breathing in the ocean air? Then Pure Lite without the Ritual is the perfect package for you.

Pure Lite Pass includes admission and public change facilities.

What's included

  • Sky Lagoon Admission
  • Public Changing Facilities
  • Towel

What's not included

The 7 Step Ritual is not included

Sky Lagoon Pure Lite Pass

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