Secret Trails - Half Day Mountain Biking in Borgarfjörður Eystri

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Discover the secrets that Borgarfjörður eystri has to offer. Ride through colourful mountains and lush valleys filled with sheep and birds. Feel the cool ocean breeze as you descend down to the open water and experience absolute stillness in the deserted wilderness located next to the sleepy fishing village. This ride will take you from the village across the scenic valley and oceanfront of Borgarfjörður over to the wild lands over the mountains. Your local guide will regale you with tales of bravery and resilience of the local people that inhabited the now deserted valleys of the Víknaslóðir wilderness. Scenic views are the name of the game on the route along with raw, untamed trail, sure to pose a fun challenge any rider. The final descent is flowy and wild, seemingly at the edge of the world, with nothing but ocean in front of you. Just before your calves have the chance to start cramping you'll be down in the picturesque harbor marveling at puffins and perhaps enjoying an apres drink. The ride back to town is smooth and slow on the local road and when you're back, all you'll want to do is go for another round into the wilderness.

Please note that to accomodate different styles, speeds and personal ability, bookings are limited to one group per departure. If you book for one person, then you are in effect booking a private tour and the pricing is reflected as such.

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